Disaster Recovery Specialist

Company Name:
CyberSearch, Ltd
Responsible for administering daily functions of the Disaster Recovery program such as assisting with the facilitation of gathering recovery requirements and documentation and design of recovery plans for the Business, Application and Technical teams.
Assists in performing Administrator activities for DR tools and ensures contents are relevant and current.
Participates and assists in all DR testing activities to document, evaluate and report results.
Evaluates DR strategies to ensure they are effective, relevant and tie with technology capabilities and processes.
Collaborates and partners with the business, IT teams, and vendors to design and implement DR solutions.
Works under general supervision of Manager.
Job Responsibilities (listed in order of importance and/or time spent)
Assists in the response and recovery activities during times of crisis, disasters and/or other emergencies.
Performs daily disaster recovery activities to ensure the Disaster Recovery Program is meeting objectives. Works closely with the Business, Application and Technology teams to understand goals and objectives, clarify requests and requirements. Assists in the development, documentation and maintenance of DR plans, DR status, and reporting and resolution of issues and risks.
Performs business impact analysis on all existing disaster recovery plans and newly proposed applications. Identifies criticality and tier level for applications.
Contributes to the development and definition of recovery objectives and recovery solutions based on requirements. Define how quickly a system should be recovered and the amount of data loss that is acceptable to the business for each application. Assists in the identification, design and maintenance of business, application and technical requirements of hardware, system components, and overall infrastructure.
Understands and able to speak towards the implementation and capabilities of existing recovery technology within the Company.
Designs and proposes recommended solutions that meet Business requirements, the recovery time objective, and the recovery point objective.
Plans and develops tests solutions to validate whether the recovery requirements have been met. Develops test plans, test scripts and test conditions based on the Business and recovery requirements. Helps manage teams for before, during and after test activities and participates in pretest planning and post-test follow-up.
Helps in researching, recommending and developing new program tools and seeks opportunities to streamline or synthesize processes.
Works collaboratively with areas of IT to ensure that all recovery solutions are appropriately implemented and supported. Collaborates with the businesses and other key stakeholders to customize, train, exercise and build awareness around the disaster recovery program.
Monitors production changes for implications to DR systems and DR Plans. Develops, implements, and ensures documentation of recovery standards, procedures, processes, guideline and policies. Ensures requirements and deliverables are clearly defined.

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